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Executive Coaching

Learn more about your business and how to overcome the challenges you face operating it. With regular, scheduled meetings, we will discuss your progress, existing challenges, and how to formulate new ideas.


Marketing Strategies

Develop a clear view of objectives with a strategic plan that itemizes the tasks that need to be completed. We will evaluate all your sales and marketing methods at the core of your business to quickly identify where your growth problems may occur.


Business Development

Super charge your business! Match your products and services to their relevant markets. We will select distribution channels that best promote your company, create sales tactics, and work in aftermarket servicing in a consistent and efficient way.


business development

Business Strategy

Business "Strategy" can be explained simply as designating priorities for the many choices facing your business. It is a way of optimizing your choice selection that best meet your objectives.

Setting business strategies can be quite complex. Virtual Boardroom aim to create a strategy in a consistent and coordinated way. We involve ourselves in every aspect of business strategy including establishing clear and measurable objectives, selecting appropriate markets, matching products and services to those markets, selecting distribution channels, sales tactics, and aftermarket servicing.

It is all the more difficult to then assess the risk of the choices made to your overall business operation. Business development relies on exploiting the opportunities that are presented to you and your company.

When we work to formulate your business development strategy, we will discuss what your company excels at, and how that affects processes, people and customers. You will need to be clear about who controls the implantation of your business development ideas, and who monitors goals, actions, measures, and progress.

One of the most significant choices we will discuss with you will be whether you want your business strategy to be radical or incremental (i.e., – are you revolutionary or evolutionary?) Small businesses development contains a paradox – if the business is successful and grows, it won't be a small business anymore. Our strength lies in developing a small business to grow, while maintaining the elements that made it successful in the first place.

Ways We Help:

  • Boosting Sales
  • Increasing Brand Awareness
  • Utilizing the Internet
  • Sales Strategies/Training
  • Exploring New Opportunity
  • Formulating Thought Provoking Ideas
  • Analyzing Current Methods/Trends
  • Facilitating the Project
  • Creating a Working Cohesion